Convention FAQ

    Thank you for your interest in Convention 2017! This year includes exciting activities for delegates, members and supporters to engage in during the three day event. Below are a list of frequently asked questions that will help guide you through the process of registering for Convention and taking advantage of all that is has to offer!

    Delegates and Registration

    Q: Do I have to be a member to attend Convention?

    A: It depends if you want to be a visitor or a delegate. If you want to be a delegate, your membership must have been current at least 30 days prior to Convention (click here for the delegate registration form). If you want to attend as a visitor, you can attend as a member or a non-member (click here for the visitor registration form).

    Q: What are automatic delegates and how many are there?

    All members of the Provincial Council, as well as NDP MLAs and MPs from Manitoba are entitled to be delegates.

    Q: How are delegates selected?

    A: Constituency Associations are responsible for selecting and approving their delegates for Convention. Depending on the number of members interested in attending as delegates, constituencies are responsible for organizing their delegate selection meetings. If you're interested in becoming a delegate, Provincial Office can put you in touch with your local executive for more information.

    Please note: You can only be a member in one constituency, and it’s through that constituency that you apply to be a delegate. If your membership is in a different constituency than the one you live in, you cannot be a delegate from the constituency you live in.

    Q: How many delegates are constituencies entitled to?

    A: Each provincial constituency association is entitled to (a) Five delegates for the first fifty members or less: and (b) One delegate for each additional ten members or major fraction thereof.

    For example, if your constituency has 40 members, it is entitled to 5 delegates. If 150 members, your constituency is entitled to 15 delegates. If your constituency has 177 members, the count is rounded up to the nearest major fraction of ten (180), totaling 18 delegates... and so forth.

    Q: How many delegates is Manitoba's Young New Democrats (MYND) entitled to?

    A: Delegates from the MYND registered with the Provincial Office of the Party are allotted on the same basis as constituency associations.

    Q: How many delegates are affiliates entitled to?

    A: One delegate for the first 25 members or less and one additional delegate for each additional 25 members or major fraction thereof; up to four delegates for 100 members; thereafter one delegate for each additional 100 members or major fraction thereof.

    As well, the political education committees of District Labour Councils is entitled to one delegate each and the Manitoba Federation of Labour political education committee is entitled to two delegates.

    Convention Format

    Q: Where can I park at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre?

    There is parking available at the Centre as well as free street parking along Sutherland Ave.

    Q: Is there a Saturday night dinner?

    A: No, the Party is hosting a Federal NDP Candidate Mixer in lieu of a Convention Dinner on the Friday instead (March 17). Click here to purchase tickets online or download the printable form.

    Federal NDP Candidate Mixer

    Q: How much are tickets?

    A: $100 per person.

    Q: What's included?

    A: As a cocktail reception, hors d'oeuvres will be provided at the event. Beer, wine & spirits can be purchased separately at a cash bar.

    Q: Do I have to be a delegate or member to attend?

    A: No. All supporters are welcome!

    Q: Is there assigned seating?

    A: No, but if you require seating or have any accessibility requirements we can ensure a seat is saved for you.

    Q: How late will it go?

    A: Cocktails start at 6:30 p.m., and the program will go no later than 9:00 p.m. Guests are welcome to stay at the Gallery as late as 10:00 p.m.

    Any other questions?

    For media inquiries, contact Matt Austman at

    For all other matters, please contact — we'll respond as soon as we can!