Your NDP knows that getting young people involved in politics is the key to a strong NDP and a strong Manitoba. Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow and can play a vital role in shaping your NDP, right now.

If you’re 26 or younger, then you can be a part of it. Reach out and get involved with other young Manitobans who care about politics, our environment, human rights, and strong schools and communities.

Who are we?

The Manitoba Young New Democrats (MYND) is the youth wing of your NDP in Manitoba. We’re students, workers and other young people who are working to make our province a better place to live. We’re reaching out to young people on campus and in the community to build a strong NDP and a better Manitoba. We represent the priorities of young people at NDP conventions and we organize events and socials for young New Democrats to get together. And we have fun!

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