Blandine Tona on Education

    “As a parent of school-aged children, I want my kids to get the attention they deserve in the classroom. Teachers and schools deserve access to the resources they need to make every child successful in school. Our schools should be a place where all students belong and where they can safely learn the skills they need to succeed. We need to invest in our schools so that every student feels prepared for the university, college or the workforce.”

    What is the problem?

    Pallister’s government has cut funding to school divisions forcing them to cut programs for students and to consider laying off teachers.

    The Pallister government cut the small class size initiative. That program kept classes small so all students have more one-on-one time with their teachers. And they cut the Bureau de L’education francaise, hitting French education hard.

    Pallister’s Conservatives don’t value public education and their cuts are putting our children’s education risk.

    What is our solution?

    New Democrats believe that we should invest more in our students and our teachers, not less.

    New Democrats have a record of making investments in our schools so that teachers have the tools they need and parents can be confident that their children are getting a high-quality education. Our plan is to work with teachers and education experts to make sure our students are ready for the challenges of tomorrow, including targeted investments where they're needed most.

    We commit to:

    • Restore support to the BEF, reinstate the Assistant Deputy Minister and increase supports for French education.
    • Bring back the k-3 small class size initiative, making sure our kids have the one-on-one time with teachers they need to thrive.
    • Ensure that post-secondary education remains affordable for all Manitobans which includes stopping the 6.6% tuition hike.

    Only the Manitoba NDP offers a credible alternative to Brian Pallister and his Conservative agenda of cuts to our education system.