Blandine Tona on the Environment

    “From Whittier Park to the Whiteshell to Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba is blessed with a vibrant natural environment that we all enjoy.

    We have a responsibility to do our part in the fight against climate change so that future generations can enjoy our parks, lakes and great open spaces.”

    What is the problem?

    The Pallister Conservatives have shown that they don’t have a plan to protect and sustain our environment.

    They cut the 50/50 transit funding formula with the City of Winnipeg, failed to properly listen to the community’s concerns about air and ground pollution in the Mission industrial park, lifted the hog barn moratorium that helped protect Lake Winnipeg, and cut water testing that keeps our communities safe.

    The Pallister government has no plan to help Manitobans transition to a greener way of life and have refused to invest in green initiatives like transit, electric buses, energy retrofits or supports for low-income Manitobans.

    What is our solution?

    New Democrats know that we must take action now - we need to make sure our environment is clean and safe for generations to come. That’s why we need to collaborate with all levels of government, industry and business to protect our environment against climate change. And that’s why we need to have a plan that invests in services that help Manitobans transition to a Green economy while keeping life affordable.

    We commit to:

    • Reinstate the 50/50 transit funding model, and invest in green initiatives right here in Manitoba like building electric buses so that we can create green jobs, protect our environment, and middle-class families.
    • Restore evidence-based water standards and regulations to protect our communities, lakes and rivers, from the Seine River to Lake Winnipeg.
    • Reinstate the Rail Relocation Task Force, created by the NDP, to work with industry, the city, and the federal government to move the rail lines out of St. Boniface.

    Only the Manitoba NDP offers a credible alternative to Brian Pallister and his Conservative inaction on protecting our environment.

    "I have heard from members of the community regarding their concerns with the multiple shredder operations in the Mission Industrial Park which are extremely close to St. Boniface homes."

    "I was shocked by the information provided by the South St Boniface Residents Association (SSBRA), as I live directly across the river from the shredder operations and was unaware of where the source of the loud crashing sounds I was hearing from my home."

    "I stand in solidarity with the SSBRA efforts to pressure the province to decline the upgraded license Rakowski is seeking. I also encourage the City to review Rakowski`s outdated Conditional Use allowing heavy industrial uses so close to residents. I personally signed the SSBRA petition in early spring, and will work with community members as their MLA to ensure that families are safe from pollution in all forms."

    Blandine Tona