Blandine Tona on Healthcare

    “Your family deserves a healthcare system that is there for you when you need it. Every Manitoban should have access to quality care in an emergency. St. Boniface families understand that deep cuts to our healthcare services doesn’t improve care. Only an NDP candidate can stand up to the Pallister government’s cuts to the healthcare services you need. We believe in strong public healthcare, access to nurses and doctors and investments in prevention so that you and your family stay healthy into the future.”

    What’s the problem?

    The Pallister government’s rushed political plan for our healthcare system is more about cutting costs than improving patient care. Premier Pallister has cut millions from the WRHA and St. Boniface Hospital. He’s eliminated coverage for physiotherapy, expensive drugs, and knee braces. His plan to close three ERs and an Urgent Care will mean a bigger burden on St. Boniface Hospital and longer wait times for your family. His cuts have already started to cause stress in our community. Last week Manitoba nurses reported 800 incidents of mandatory overtime in just six months. Overworked, exhausted nurses mean less safe care for patients and a less efficient health care system.

    Brian Pallister cares more about his own political reputation than improving the healthcare of you and your family. With more cuts to come, St. Boniface families deserve someone who stands up for their health care.

    What is our solution?

    Only the NDP can stand up against the Pallister government’s cuts to healthcare. We believe in strong investments in upstream prevention that keeps you healthy at home, like Pharmacare, physiotherapy, and homecare. We understand that quality, community-based healthcare like QuickCare Clinics and access to family doctors are important to improving public health outcomes. As the NDP candidate in St. Boniface, Blandine Tona is fighting hard each day to stop Pallister’s cuts and protect the public healthcare system you and your family deserve.

    We commit to:

    • Building a brand-new, larger St. Boniface ER that is capable of handling the influx of patients from the Pallister government’s cuts.
    • Hiring at least 200 nurses for St. Boniface Hospital to reduce mandatory overtime rates, and immediately increase the number of nursing seats at Universite de Saint Boniface and Red River College.
    • Expand community-health services like mental health supports, personal care home beds, addictions services and supports for people living with chronic diseases.

    Only the Manitoba NDP offers a credible alternative to Brian Pallister and his Conservative agenda of cuts to the healthcare system.