Blandine Tona on Seniors

    “St Boniface is home to many seniors, who are valuable members of society that make our historical neighborhood beautiful and vibrant. Because of our aging population, we need more services to those who want to stay at home, and new supports for those who need a little more help.”

    What is the problem?

    The Pallister government’s healthcare cuts are putting our seniors at risk. From hospital closures which route too many patients to the St Boniface ER and overwork nurses, to contracting out home care services, which will cost more and deliver worse service for seniors, the PC’s have shown that they don’t really care about the needs of Manitoba’s seniors. They have cancelled construction of personal care homes while imposing new financial restrictions that will make it almost impossible for communities to build new care homes. And existing homes like ActionMarguerite have had their funding cut.

    We commit to:

    • Reversing Pallister’s cuts to drug programs and advocating for a universal pharmacare program;
    • Improving our homecare services so workers can spend more time with our seniors;
    • Investing in new personal care home beds for communities like St. Boniface