NDP will build the Concordia Wellness Centre and Pan-Am Health Campus, Brian Pallister won’t

Today’s NDP will invest in community health care, wellness and prevention, as well as provide one-third funding for the Concordia Wellness Centre and support the partnership between the Reh-Fit and the creation of a new Pan-Am Health Campus to provide families more rehabilitation services and active living supports, NDP Leader Greg Selinger announced today.

NDP will protect health care and continue to invest in front-line staff for hospitals, clinics

Today’s NDP will protect Manitoba health care from privatization and make sure hospitals and clinics can hire the doctors, nurses and health professionals they need to give families even better care, NDP Leader Greg Selinger said today.

“Once again, Manitoba’s health care system is at risk,” Selinger said. “Brian Pallister’s Conservatives want to turn back the clock 20 years and revert to high-priced, Connie Curran-style corporate reviews, privatization and cuts.”