Province Must Maintain Existing Pesticide Legislation to Continue Protecting Expectant Mothers, Children and Pets

The Pallister government must preserve legislation that reduces the risk to children and pets of exposure to synthetic pesticides for non-essential purposes, NDP MLA Rob Altemeyer said today.

“The current law reduces the risks of exposure to synthetic chemical pesticides, and was introduced after a lengthy consultation with Manitobans,” Altemeyer said. “Let’s not turn back the clock. Let’s keep these strong protections in place for expectant mothers, our children and our pets.”

Pallister Raises Concerns for Human Rights With Appointment of Socially Conservative Activist to Cabinet

The Pallister government has created concerns by appointing socially conservative MLA Andrew Micklefield to cabinet as the new government house leader, NDP MLA Wab Kinew said today.

“The Rossmere MLA has long made it clear he is against equal rights for LGBTTQ* Manitobans,” Kinew said. “He has gone so far as to say there is harm in same-sex marriage.”

Pallister Government Must Act Quickly to Prevent Economic Crisis in Wake of Tolko’s Announced Closing in The Pas: Lathlin

The closure of the Tolko Industries mills in The Pas will throw hundreds of people out of work and devastate the local economy, NDP MLA Amanda Lathlin said today. The Pallister government must act quickly to protect good jobs and build an economy for the future of the community, added Lathlin, the MLA for The Pas.