Keep Building: Our vision of a future that puts Manitoba families first

    I’m proud of our government’s record of keeping our promises. But this election isn’t about the past – it’s about the future. This document describes my vision for Manitoba in 2015 – and the meaningful, practical steps we’ll take to get there. During the election campaign we will be describing these steps in more detail.

    The fundamental choice facing Manitobans in this election comes down to this: who will keep our province moving forward in the right direction?

    Manitobans are proud of our province and optimistic about our future – and with good reason. Something big is happening in Manitoba. But it was not always this way. Under the Conservative governments of the 1990s, life was getting harder for families, and our population was declining.

    Now, the tide has turned. Manitoba is home to more people than ever before. More young families are choosing to build their futures here. We now have the second-youngest province in the country, and we’re getting younger. Above all else, this is why I have never been more optimistic about Manitoba.

    Just look around. We are literally rebuilding our province. The Jets have come back home where they belong. Manitobans walk with a confidence we did not always have in the 1990s.

    The future is bright, but there is more to do. We must continue to protect and strengthen the services that families count on. We must continue to work to ensure that Aboriginal people share fully in the benefits of life in Manitoba. And we must keep Manitoba Hydro strong and publicly owned, to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by our vast hydro-electric resources – in addition to our location as a continental transportation hub, our northern deep-water port, and the enterprising spirit of our people.

    We’ve accomplished so much together. New Democrats will keep building a better Manitoba for everyone. We will build a future that will make our children and grandchildren just as proud to call Manitoba home as we are today.

    Whether you’ve lived here all your life, or have just arrived, you know that Manitoba is an extraordinary place. Our province is enriched by our First Nations and Métis communities, which are becoming an ever-more important part of the Manitoba fabric. Newcomers are arriving from around the world to share in and help create opportunities. From our entrepreneurs and volunteers, to our artists and athletes who excel internationally, to our natural resources, Manitoba is a source of great energy.

    The vision described in these pages is what motivates us. This is our plan to keep building.

    Keep Building: Our vision of a future that puts Manitoba families first