The New Democrat Newsletter

    Welcome to the new New Democrat! Since it was brought back at Convention 2012, there have been some changes. For one, the primary publication of the New Dem is online. Many people have smart phones, personal computers and tablets and want their information on the go. If you would like a printed version, please talk to your local constituency president or visit Provincial Office.

    Our goal for the New Dem is to connect the people of our party – through sharing your stories about the interesting things that are happening at the local constituency level and by profiling the unique individuals who are the strength and foundation of the NDP.

    We also want to share information about what we accomplished in government, our role in opposition and what we are accomplishing by holding Pallister's Conservatives to account – a perspective that is often missed in the mainstream media.

    Story ideas are welcome, just send an email to and we will get in touch with you. Please note that submitted articles will be subject to an editorial review and may be edited before being published.

    It is our hope that you will enjoy this labour of love and that through this publication, NDP members will be better connected.

    –The Editorial Team

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