Manitoba NDP calls for every college & university to have sexual violence and sexual harassment policies in place

Today Fort Rouge MLA Wab Kinew introduced Bill 204 to the House, which would ensure that post-secondary educational institutions have policies in place to counter sexual violence and sexual harassment.

“We need to confront the issue of sexual violence and assault on campus head-on to make sure everyone can feel safe at school,” said Kinew. “We’ve heard this from students, from parents, and from administrators. It’s time for every post-secondary institution to have policies in place that will help them prevent and respond to these terrible situations, no matter how difficult.”

The NDP’s proposed law would require college and university campuses to develop sexual violence and sexual harassment policies and procedures in consultation with students; to inform students of the services and procedures in place under the policies; and to report publicly on the activities related to their policies.

Kinew noted that having sexual violence and harassment policies in place is especially important in the fight against violence against women.

“We’re calling on the Conservative government to vote with us on this game-changing piece of legislation,” said Kinew. “It’s everyone’s collective responsibility to make sure that a culture of consent and safety exists on every campus.”

“Students at universities and colleges across Manitoba have been stepping up to address this issue, and it’s time for our legislation to do the same,” said Kinew. “Working together, we can make our campuses safer for everyone.”