Fact Check: What does ‘Aim Higher’ mean to Brian Pallister?

DECEMBER 6, 2012

Brian Pallister is calling on all Manitobans to Aim HigherTM, just as long as it’s where he’s aiming.

This week, Brian Pallister said his PCs haven’t made inroads with everyday Manitobans because it takes time to “get your new ideas out there and get people the time they need to discuss them, embrace them and feel like they’re their ideas.” (Winnipeg Free Press, December 3, 2012)

Manitobans want leadership that will get results on their priorities – not a leader who will just impose his ideas on families.

That’s why more and more Manitobans are saying Brian Pallister’s priorities don’t reflect today’s Manitoba.


Brian Pallister calls hydro building projects a “mega mistake” and called for a halt to all Manitoba Hydro projects.

FACT: Hydro is our oil, but greener. It keeps rates low for families and drives our economy. Manitobans want to see it built for the benefit of all families.


Brian Pallister says he wants to make life more affordable for the lowest income Manitobans but refuses to rule out an HST.

FACT: An HST would mean a $400 million hit to families and would be an additional $400 million hit to the provincial budget. Manitoba families know that’s wrong.


Brian Pallister says he’s proud of his time as a senior member of the last PC government, saying it was “one of the finest governments that Manitoba has been blessed with.” (Winnipeg Free Press, April 12, 2012)

FACT: That is the same PC government that laid-off teachers, fired 1,000 nurses and sold-off MTS after promising not to.

Manitobans want a government that will get results on their family’s priorities. NDP MLAs are focused on protecting and improving the things that matter most to families, like our schools, hospitals and roads.

Instead of laying-off teachers and nurses or cancelling hydro projects, Manitoba is building. Today Manitoba is a more affordable place to live and do business. Our population is growing. And our economy is moving forward, through the downturn. That comes from having a government that listens to Manitobans and focuses on their priorities.

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