Manitoba Legislature Votes Unanimously to Accept NDP Proposals for Improved Fairness in CPP

An NDP amendment to a government motion to ensure fairness in the Canada Pension Plan for women and persons with disabilities passed unanimously in the Manitoba legislature today.

“Women and persons with disabilities should not be penalized for circumstances beyond their control,” said NDP MLA Jamie Allum, who introduced the amendment. “By calling for a drop-out provision in the expanded CPP program, Canada’s pension system will be fairer for all Canadians.”

The amendment added the following to the government motion: “THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba be urged to support the indexation of the CPP death benefit and the elimination of the claw back of Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) payments for widowed seniors' CPP survivor benefits, while conducting a comprehensive review of CPP Survivor and Disability benefits during the Triennial Review of the CPP, which should include keeping the drop out provisions in the expanded CPP plan so that parents, especially women who do the majority of child raising and rearing and persons with disabilities will not have their CPP benefits penalized for work time lost due to parenting or disability issues”

The government motion would call on the federal government to include various improvements, including those moved by the NDP today.