Letter to the Editor

Your NDP government responds to many media requests. Many are often not printed, but we never let an opportunity pass to defend our record. Here is a recent letter from Eric Robinson, your minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro.


Dear Editor,

Brian Pallister’s Conservatives can’t hide their hidden agenda any longer: their plan is to build gas plants instead of building hydro. What Pallister and his Hydro critic Ralph Eichler conveniently forget to mention when attacking our record, however, is that putting money into natural gas is more expensive and more polluting than investing in Manitoba Hydro, our clean energy supply. And Pallister’s plan will mean cancelling 10,000 jobs for Manitobans.

Brian Pallister has publicly stated he will cancel Hydro projects necessary to Manitoba's power supply. He has publicly stated he does not want to develop Hydro for export. That means cancelling deals like the recent 100 megawatt agreement signed with Saskatchewan, and losing billions more in agreements with our neighbors. He’s stated he’s open to privatization. And we can see the ongoing effects of such proposals in Ontario – with the possibility of huge rate hikes and a windfall for private investors.

Our Government has committed itself to investing in Hydro, and keeping it public, so that we can keep rates low for Manitobans and create jobs here at home. Hydro is clean energy, produced in partnership with First Nations, that provides a reliable, affordable energy for Manitobans. Manitobans pay approximately $700 less per year than someone with the same home in Saskatchewan or in Ontario, and $500 less than the national average. Cancelling Hydro means cancelling Manitoba’s future.