Why Cuts Hurt Education

Dear friends,

I'm writing you today about the changes happening in our province. Like many parents, I'm concerned about the cuts being made to public services that families like mine count on. In particular, as a music teacher, I'm really starting to see first-hand how Brian Pallister's agenda is having a negative impact on public education and our childrens' future. 

As you may have heard, the Pallister government’s 2017 budget does not include nearly enough funding to cover inflation and the growing needs of the students in our schools.

The lack of funding allocated to education sends a message that the government doesn't value education as it should. Education helps to provide a bright future for our young generation, and when funding and resources are cut, the students suffer. 

Programs are even being cut in my own division, in the case of the cuts made to the extracurricular band programs at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate. Without these extracurricular music programs, what are those kids going to do with their free time?
Music is not only a part of students' education, but an outlet. It's where kids can feel like they belong and flourish creatively and when the government cuts programs like that, it becomes a slippery slope.  
What’s more, the Pallister government has also removed the K-3 cap on class sizes. Increased numbers in the classroom make it harder for teachers to give the individual attention that each student deserves and hinders the ability to develop relationships in a more meaningful way.  
It's critical we hold the Pallister government to account for these mistakes. 

You and I know the biggest threat to Pallister's cuts is a strong NDP. That's why I'm asking you to make a donation today and help send a message.

From now until September 8, every donation is eligible for a 50/50 split with a constituency of your choice. That means helping the party and your local constituency association get a head start for the 2020 election – and getting our province back on track.

The NDP built a well-rounded education plan where students felt valued, included, and could flourish academically. Unfortunately, the Pallister government does not share those priorities, and wants to send all that progress back.

Will you join me in fighting Pallister's cuts? Make a Summer Window donation today, and join me in building a stronger NDP.



Shannon Moses
Music Teacher
NDP Member