Liberal candidate in Radisson wants to scrap legislation that helps victims of domestic violence: Howard

This week our NDP government introduced new legislation to strengthen protection orders and better protect Manitobans escaping domestic violence.

Sadly, the Liberals’ candidate in Radisson wants to scrap legislation that will help protect Manitoba families. Defence lawyer Scott Newman publically stated that he’s against our government’s plan to impose a mandatory ban on firearms for people who have a protection order laid against them. This legislation will help protect women.

“It’s surprising and very disappointing to see someone who aspires to represent Manitoba families come out against legislation that protects Manitobans, especially women,” said Jennifer Howard, NDP candidate in Fort Rouge.

Newman criticized these new protections for being “expensive” and “inefficient.” (WFP Dec. 1, 2015)

Victims of domestic violence need urgent protection from offenders. One way to help save lives is to make sure offenders do not have access to guns.

By ignoring the danger that guns pose to victims of domestic violence, Newman is undermining the voices of survivors of domestic violence who called for this legislation.

“Our number one priority is to prevent more tragic deaths like Camille Runke’s and Selena Keeper’s – two women who should be with us today,” continued Howard. “We have to do a better job of protecting families facing domestic violence. Critics like Scott Newman make that job harder.”