Liberal Party plans to close hospitals and schools

Brandon families and all Manitobans should be deeply concerned about the Manitoba Liberal Party's plans to close hospitals and schools in Manitoba.

In recent days, they have confirmed that they want to let school divisions unilaterally close schools with less than 100 students. That would mean 82 school closures, mainly in rural and Northern Manitoba.

And just yesterday, the Liberal candidate for Brandon West confirmed that he thinks there are "too many hospitals" in Manitoba, and that "if we take one or two hospitals [out], you will see a difference."

The Liberals’ plan to close schools and hospitals would hurt families here in Brandon, and throughout Manitoba.

Liberal leader Rana Bokhari has still not visited Brandon during this campaign. Perhaps if she did, she would realize how important our hospitals and schools are to our community.

The Manitoba NDP will be there to protect the health care, education, and other services that your family counts on. We have invested in the Brandon Regional Health Centre, the Westman Cancer Treatment Centre, and are committed to build a QuickCare Clinic in Brandon to provide more front-line care for you and your family. We are also committed to build a new south end school for families in that growing neighbourhood, which Brian Pallister refuses to support.