Manitoba Loses 10,800 Jobs Since May Under Pallister Government’s Watch

Manitoba has lost 10,800 full-time jobs since May under the Pallister government’s watch, according to the latest figures released this morning by Statistics Canada.

“This is a worrisome trend. Every one of those lost jobs represents a real person who now has to rely on Employment Insurance or move out of the province to find work so they can support themselves or their families,” said NDP Interim Leader Flor Marcelino. “Meanwhile, the Pallister government is fixated on firing hundreds of civil servants, freezing the minimum wage and picking fights with organized labour, rather than coming up with a plan to grow the economy and create jobs.”

According to Statistics Canada figures, full-time employment dropped by 10,800 from May to September this year. In May, there were 518,100 full-time jobs. In September there were 507,300 full-time jobs. StatCan reported 3,500 private-sector jobs were lost in the last month alone. These are seasonally adjusted figures, which compensate for the impact of students going in and out of the workforce.

“Pallister has promised to make Manitoba the ‘most improved province,’ yet he has stood by while thousands of workers across the province saw their jobs disappear,” Marcelino said. “Pallister says he’s reviewing and studying the problem and claims he has an innovative plan to fix the economy. How long must Manitoba workers and families wait to see this plan? How many more jobs will be lost while he conducts partisan reviews?”

The former NDP government launched a five-year, $5-billion infrastructure investment plan in 2015 and committed to another $5 billion in strategic investments to train workers, develop a modern transportation system, build hospitals, schools and affordable housing, create thousands of jobs and grow the economy, Marcelino noted.

“Under our government, the Manitoba economy doubled, thousands of new jobs were created and the population experienced its strongest growth in a century,” Marcelino said. “Our vision for the future builds on that solid foundation. We want a province where everyone can share in the growth, where hard work is rewarded by a fair wage, and where all families can raise healthy children who can look forward to finding a good job here.”