NDP calls on Pallister Government to Stop Health-Care Closures; Pallister’s Politically Motivated Cuts Creating Chaos

In light of further evidence today the WRHA is unprepared for the closures of the Victoria General Hospital emergency room and Misericordia Urgent Care Centre, the NDP is calling on the Pallister government to immediately halt its politically motivated cuts to the health-care system.

“The Pallister government is rushing its reckless changes to the health-care system. They are deleting nursing positions and closing health units before they have their plans in place,” Wiebe said. “Pallister promised he would respect frontline workers and frontline health care, but he is pushing the system into chaos.”

Today, the WRHA made it clear that the renovations at other hospitals will not be complete when the Victoria ER is closed and nurses given deletion notices, Wiebe noted. The WRHA also admitted today that it doesn’t really know the future staffing need for nurses after the closures, he added.

“The WRHA said today 512 nurses will be given deletion notices and nearly 70 per cent of the nurses at Victoria Hospital will be affected by restructuring,” Wiebe said. “This is chaotic. It’s following Pallister’s politically driven agenda and it will be a disaster for patients.”

Today’s admissions follow on the heels of an announcement yesterday that it will cost $20 million for renovations to emergency departments at St. Boniface Hospital and Health Sciences Centre to accommodate displaced patients. The extra costs and the disruption to nurses and patient care run counter to promises made by the premier and the health minister, Wiebe said.

“The changes to the health-care system are politically motivated and have nothing to do with patient care,” Wiebe said. “We call on the premier to admit his cost-cutting agenda is hurting the health-care system and to stop making these ill-conceived cuts.”