NDP Membership Grows in Anticipation of Leadership 2017

The Manitoba NDP is excited to report significant growth in its membership following the 90 day cutoff for Leadership 2017, Provincial Secretary Keith Bellamy said today.

"Our membership has grown to now include over 8,000 New Democrats from across the province," said Bellamy. "With thousands of returning and new supporters signing memberships, it's clear there is growing excitement for Leadership 2017 and the future of our party."

The Manitoba NDP will select its next Leader in September. The Manitoba NDP Leadership Rules and other pertinent information for members is available online at todaysndp.ca/leadership-2017.

"A rapidly growing membership is a clear sign that our party is experiencing renewal through strong, grassroots support," added Bellamy. "A strong membership provides a foundation of support for our next Leader and will be key to sharing with Manitobans an inclusive and progressive alternative to Brian Pallister's Conservatives ahead of the next election."