NDP Urges Pallister Government to Restore Funding For Women’s Centre in Winnipeg’s North Point Douglas Community

The Pallister government must immediately restore funding to the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre so it can continue its important work helping women and children escape poverty and violence, improve their health and connect with training and supports, NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine said today.

“This centre has worked long and hard in North Point Douglas to help women who face challenges that would be insurmountable on their own,” Fontaine said. “There’s no excuse for cutting funding. What will happen to the women and families who turn to the centre for help when they need to take the next steps toward forming healthy relationships and raising healthy children?”

The Pallister government has cut $120,000 that was funded from Neighbourhoods Alive. This funding helped the centre run a drop-in centre, offer counselling, parenting programs, health programs, food security programs and safety programs.

Founded in 2000, the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre offers programs that address issues stemming from poverty and poverty related conditions. It is a safe place for women and children to access vital social services and to strengthen their ties with community and family.

“The centre empowers women who have struggled with poverty and the debilitating effects of poverty,” Fontaine said. “We urge the Pallister government to restore funding immediately so the centre can continue doing this important work. It’s unconscionable to leave women in North Point Douglas without the full range of services they need to build healthier lives for themselves and their families.”