NDP Urges Premier to Take Action to Assist Churchill: Lindsey Calls on Province to Send Inspection Teams

The Pallister government can take action immediately by sending provincial inspectors to assess the extent of damage on the Churchill rail line, Tom Lindsey, MLA for Flin Flon, said today.

“Weeks have passed since rail service was disrupted to Churchill. There is still no action on the part of Omnitrax, and there has been no meaningful commitment of support from the Pallister government to the people of Churchill” said Lindsey. “The premier can step up by immediately sending workers to do inspections and assess the extent of the damage along the rail line to make sure repairs can begin as soon as possible.”

Media reports recently revealed that the damage along the rail lines may be less severe than has been publicly indicated. The private owner, Omnitrax, has claimed that it will need at least a month to assess the damage and may need until next spring to complete repairs. The NDP have previously called on the province and the federal government to take immediate action to ensure supplies affordably reach Churchill and have called for the port and railline be renationalized.

“The people of Churchill are experiencing the failed policies of privatization. The Pallister government needs to show leadership for the people of Churchill, and they can do that today by committing provincial inspectors to assess the extent of the damage. The people of Churchill need to know when they can expect to have rail service again.”