New Democrats Celebrate Labour Day in Solidarity with the Labour Movement

Together with working people across the country the Manitoba NDP is proud to celebrate Labour Day, party president David Woodbury said today.

"Labour Day is one of our strongest traditions as members of the labour movement," said Woodbury. "I hope all Manitobans take time today to reflect on the important role of organized labour in improving the lives of working people across Canada."

This year Labour Day has added importance for Manitobans in shadow of the Pallister government's harmful labour-relations policies.

"The Pallister government needs to respect the role of oganized labour in job creation and improving working conditions," added Woodbury. "We also call on Pallister to stand down from his unilateral wage freeze and repeal the so-called Public Service Sustainability Act, which violates Manitobans' right to collective bargaining."

On September 16th, the Manitoba NDP will select its next leader to work in partnership with labour and oppose the Pallister government's reckless austerity agenda. The Leadership Convention will take place at the RBC Convention Centre (375 York Ave) in downtown Winnipeg.