Pallister Government Funding Cuts and Indifference Cast Pall Over Labour Day Celebrations

Labour Day has traditionally been a time to honour the contributions of workers to creating this great province, but the Pallister government is casting a dark cloud over this year’s celebrations, NDP Finance Critic James Allum said today.

“Pallister is slamming the brakes on projects across the province and he’s already hurting the economy,” said Allum. “Pallister’s first budget cut tens of millions from infrastructure, which includes hospitals, schools and highways. Now we see they won’t help communities that are going through tough times and people are losing their jobs.”

Allum said the Pallister government has undermined working families by;

  • Refusing to commit to raising minimum wage, which is the same as a wage decrease when inflation makes the cost of basic needs more expensive for families;
  • Failing to have any plan to build the economy or create jobs;
  • Doing nothing as jobs disappear from Churchill as Omnitrax closes the port and cuts rail service;
  • Failing to act as The Pas loses a thousand jobs as Tolko pulls out;
  • Cutting tens of millions from capital construction, including hospitals, schools and highways; and
  • Introducing Bill 7 to make it harder for workers to form a union.

“Our NDP government made investments that created thousands of good jobs. We also raised the minimum wage every year and we protected workers’ rights,” Allum said. “We will continue to fight for the rights of workers, for better pensions and fair wages, and against Pallister’s attacks on labour.”