Pallister Government Failing to Stand up For Working Manitobans

The Pallister government has abandoned working families and individuals by refusing to protect their right to be paid a living wage and by undermining long-standing practices that create fairness in the workplace, Interim NDP Leader Flor Marcelino said today.

“This government is showing a disregard for workers who face rising costs for food and to put a roof over their heads,” Marcelino said. “Brian Pallister keeps saying he has a plan to make Manitoba the most improved province but he’s actually making it worse for working individuals and families.”

Marcelino noted the Pallister government is hurting workers by:

  • Refusing to raise the minimum wage, which hurts the poorest workers;
  • Turning his back on workers in Churchill and The Pas;
  • Making it harder for workplaces to organize and picking partisan fights with organized labour;
  • Breaking his promise to protect front-line workers;
  • Refusing to use project labour agreements, which ensure stable working environments; and
  • Forcing workers, such as those at MacDonald Youth Services, to strike for a contract.

“We had a long-term plan to invest in jobs and the economy, maintain fair wages and build towards a more inclusive and affordable future,” Marcelino said. “The Pallister government’s plan seems to be to hide behind reviews rather than stand up for workers. They claim they will unveil innovative plans, but they don’t say when or even hint at what these may be. Layoffs and stagnant wages for workers are hardly innovative.”