Pallister Government Must Explain Future of East Side Road

The Pallister government has just laid off some 80 workers effective Nov. 25 with no clear plan in place to continue the work that would connect the communities on the East Side Road or grow the regional economy, NDP MLA Jim Maloway said today.

“The government has a responsibility to explain to Manitobans and especially the residents of the East Side of Lake Winnipeg whether the road construction project will continue,” Maloway said. “The future of the communities and the jobs that would come from this project are now in limbo.”

There are many questions outstanding that the government needs to answer, said Maloway, including:

  • What is the status of work on the East Side Road?
  • What communication has the government had with the communities that were relying on the construction of the road to connect them with the outside world and create jobs?
  • What communication has the government had with the contractors who were hired to work on the road?
  • Will the government commit to resuming construction of the road as soon as possible for the benefit of the many communities on the East Side?

“The NDP government had committed to working with First Nations communities to train Indigenous residents to work on the road and to help launch Indigenous-owned businesses that could help fuel the local economies," Maloway said. “The Pallister government needs to commit the same goal.”