Pallister Government Punishing Owners of Older Winnipeg Homes By Cancelling Support for Basement Flooding Protection Program

The Pallister government is punishing owners of older Winnipeg homes with its decision to no longer support the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy, NDP MLA Jim Maloway said today, adding the province should reverse its decision immediately.

“Many homes in Winnipeg were built without basement flood protection systems, but the costs of upgrading can be beyond the ability of owners to handle without the subsidy program,” Maloway said. “It’s unlikely the city can keep the program going on their own, which will leave unprotected homes vulnerable to sewer backup and water damage.”

Since 2011, the former NDP government had supported half the cost of the annual program, which is administered by the city and helps homeowners install inline backwater valves and sump-pump pit drainage systems.

The most vulnerable homes are those that are connected to obsolete sewer systems, which is the case in older parts of Winnipeg.

“A home is the most important investment any family can make. We introduced the program to help owners of older homes protect their investments and have peace of mind that raw sewage isn’t going to end up in their basements,” said Maloway, who is the NDP critic for Municipal Relations. “By refusing to continue supporting this program, the Pallister government is showing a lack of concern for these homeowners.”