Official Audit Shows Pallister Government Inflated Deficit Numbers For Partisan Purposes

The Pallister government inflated the deficit by $166 million to mislead Manitobans about the need to cut services for families, NDP MLA James Allum said today.

“The official audit shows their number was nowhere near the truth,” Allum said. “The only reason for inflating the number by $166 million was to justify their plan to cut services that families rely on.”

According to the government’s own documents published in the spring, the Pallister government claimed the deficit for 2015/16 would be $1.012 billion. In fact, an official audit released today shows the deficit was $846 million - $166 million less than claimed by the Pallister government.

When Finance Minister Cameron Friesen gave Manitobans the inflated numbers, he said: “Seems they've misled the province. I can't speak to why, perhaps they put their own priorities first”.

“For a government that touted accountability and transparency, they used the inflated number to impose their priorities on Manitobans,” Allum said. “Manitobans deserve better.”