Pallister Moving Jobs and Resources Out of the North: Lindsey

The Pallister government is revealing their hidden agenda to ignore Northern jobs, roads and families, MLA for Flin Flon Tom Lindsey said today.

The Pallister government is dissolving the East Side Road Authority, putting jobs and economic growth in the North at risk. The Manitoba NDP has called on the government to maintain the annual capital commitment and seek federal cost-sharing for the initiative.

“Their lack of concern for Northern jobs and Northern roads is obvious,” said Lindsey. “Manitoba made a commitment to the communities that will benefit from Freedom Road that it would involve them, invest in training and create good jobs for Northern Manitobans. I believe it is our duty to ensure infrastructure projects in the North benefit the North, especially our Indigenous communities.

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin pointed out that the government has repeatedly refused to make any commitment to maintaining the many initiatives that have been underway in Northern Manitoba as part of the NDP’s historic infrastructure investments. She asked why the Pallister government won’t commit to the people of Moose Lake to the planned upgrade to Highway 384.

“Let’s call the Conservatives’ efficiencies what they are: cuts,” declared Lindsey. “We ask the Premier to stop hiding his secret agenda and confirm that the elimination of the East Side Road Authority is really nothing more than the beginning of the shifting of resources out of Northern Manitoba.”