Pallister Government Review of Libraries Raises Fears of Service Cuts: Marcelino

The NDP is urging the Pallister government to guarantee that the review of the provincial library system doesn’t result in a reduction of services for Manitobans, NDP Interim Leader Flor Marcelino said today.

“We have seen now how this government says one thing and does another. In yesterday’s throne speech, the government said they were going to apply a ‘return-on-investment test to prioritize government investments in … social and cultural projects’,” Marcelino said. “We are deeply concerned what this will mean for valuable social and cultural assets like libraries.”

Marcelino noted libraries are key gathering places for families, students and book lovers. They are critical to the cultural and educational success of communities. They are valuable resources for low-income individuals and families who don’t have any other access to books, magazines, music and computers.

“The Government should listen to Manitobans and ensure it preserves and supports our important cultural institutions,” Marcelino said.