Pallister’s Political Timeline Damaging Health-Care System: NDP Calls for Halt to Ill-conceived Cuts

Today’s WRHA announcement is an admission they are not prepared for the closure of the Victoria emergency care room and the Misericordia urgent care centre, said NDP Health Critic Matt Wiebe, who called on the government to halt this politically driven exercise.

“Day after day, it is becoming clearer that the government’s agenda is to cut costs not improve patient care,” said Wiebe. “They cut services first and figure out their plans later.”

In April, the health minister claimed there would be “minimal” capital costs associated with closing ERs and the urgent care clinic, Wiebe noted. In June, the WRHA released a timeline that made no mention of the need to spend tens of millions of dollars in upgrades to HSC and St. Boniface General Hospital’s emergency rooms, he added.

A further admission that the WRHA is unprepared for the ER and urgent care closures came in late June when it set out to hire an outside consultant to actually create a plan to implement the cuts, Wiebe said.

“This was a politically driven plan that is being bungled because it is following Pallister’s timeline, not the needs of patients,” Wiebe said. “The premier and his minister need to come clean with Manitobans about the real costs of their agenda. We call on the premier to stop making these ill-conceived cuts.”