Pallister Government Undercutting Manitoba’s Affordability Advantage

Manitoba families are in danger of losing their affordability advantage under a Pallister government that has no plan to grow the economy and sits on its hands while costs threaten to rise, NDP Interim Leader Flor Marcelino said today.

“Instead of putting forward real plans to invest in the economy, create jobs and maintain one of the lowest costs of living in the country, the Pallister government is content to conduct endless reviews,” Marcelino said. “We urge the premier to stop ducking his responsibility and instead work on behalf of Manitoba families.”

Marcelino noted the Pallister government is making life harder for Manitobans by:

  • Refusing to raise the minimum wage;
  • Axing the full education property tax credit for seniors;
  • Refusing to maintain low MPI rates;
  • Refusing take a sand on keeping the cell phone rates affordable;
  • Endangering our low Hydro rates by championing gas power plants;
  • Refusing to commit to keeping post-secondary school tuition rates affordable;
  • Refusing to slam the door on two-tier health care;
  • Refusing to invest in the North;
  • Refusing to expand licensed child-care spaces; and
  • Making it harder for workers in low-paying jobs to unionize.

“Pallister had no trouble giving himself and his cabinet ministers huge raises this year but he calls it good government to make life harder for other Manitobans,” Marcelino said. “The NDP vision includes investing in education, training and infrastructure as well as improving services that families need to raise healthy children who will have a bright future in Manitoba. It’s not good enough to say no while having no vision for the future.”