Statement on the Port of Churchill

We understand how valuable the Port of Churchill and the Bay Line are to economic development in the North and to the future of the community.

Our critic, Tom Lindsey, is on the ground in Churchill today. He’s talking to those affected by OmniTrax’s decision who are not hearing from the government.

Pallister has remained silent on this issue for four days, muzzling his ministers and sending out carefully crafted, vague statements that provide no comfort to people in the community.

By his comments today, Brian Pallister has made clear that even though he is prepared to provide a public subsidy to Bell Canada, one of the largest private corporations in Canada, he would not do so to ensure that the Port of Churchill remains open.

We all know how valuable the port and railway are for families in Churchill, farmers, neighbouring communities and other provinces and territories.

All parties, including the federal and provincial government, recognized the challenges that the loss of the Canadian Wheat Board posed to the Port of Churchill.

That’s why the federal and provincial governments provided tonnage subsidies for the transport of grain through the Port of Churchill, while it worked to transition to a post-CWB reality.

Our government was resolved to ensure the port stayed open while transitioning to a new sustainable ownership model. We worked in good faith, and were prepared to be part of the solution.