Pallister Government Reduce Supports for Most Vulnerable Students

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew expressed concern today the Pallister government has reduced support for the most vulnerable students. He was joined by Arlene Reid, Winnipeg School Division Ward 7 Trustee and a mother of two special needs students.

“Funding for special needs is essential because it helps every student get the one-on-one attention they deserve in the classroom,” said Kinew. “We’ve seen the Pallister government try to deny their cuts in the past, but this is too important. He needs to reassure parents today that funding will not be reduced for students who need it most.”

Pallister Ends Legislative Session with a Dismal Vision for Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB – Today the House rose with the Pallister government laying out a plan for deeper cuts to services and less support for Manitoba families.

The Premier started a new session with a Speech from the Throne that targeted health care and education for more cuts and a lackluster State of the Province address that failed to invest in economic growth. Instead, the Premier continues to pour money into the pockets of high-priced accounting firms and American consultants. The Premier is silent, however, when it comes to the most important issues facing our province.

The NDP Alternative Throne Speech for 2018

Governing is about choices. Each day, government makes choices about who will benefit and who they will prioritize.

We know next week this government will have a throne speech in which they choose to make more cuts. We are here to present the better choices we would make to help Manitoba families.

Pallister Government Releases Incorrect Wait Times Numbers

Nearly one year since the Pallister government launched an all out attack on Manitoba’s healthcare system, wait times for emergency rooms have gotten worse.

This week Pallister released data on wait times for Winnipeg emergency rooms from the month of August. That release showed wait times in emergency departments across the city have increased since last fall.