Will Brian Pallister’s cuts to health care mean charging for cancer care drugs? Manitobans deserve to know

After weeks of hiding his plans from Manitobans, families deserve to know whether Brian Pallister’s agenda to cut and privatize health care services will make Manitobans pay for cancer care drugs, said NDP Leader Greg Selinger.

“More than 6,000 Manitobans are diagnosed with cancer each year, and that number is expected to go up by 40 to 50 per cent in the next ten years,” continued Selinger. “Those families deserve a straight answer from Brian Pallister on whether their cancer care services are at risk before they cast their vote.”

Build, not cut: NDP’s transparent plan contrasts with Pallister’s evasion

Today’s NDP has a plan to protect the services that matter to Manitoba families: public health care, education, opportunities for young people and good jobs, said NDP Leader Greg Selinger at the release of the NDP’s transparent plan.

“We want to keep our great province an affordable place to live for families, a place where everyone belongs and everyone matters,” said Selinger. “Brian Pallister has tried to cover up his plan for reckless cuts and privatized health care. He needs to level with Manitobans about his real agenda and what that will mean for working and middle-class families.”

NDP Leader Greg Selinger presents clear vision at Chamber Debate — Brian Pallister is evasive and offers no plan to grow Manitoba

Manitobans have learned a lot about Brian Pallister in the last few days – first about his plans to privatize health care, and now about his refusal to invest in our schools, universities and colleges.

“We know when Brian Pallister talks about innovation in health care, he means privatization,” NDP Leader Greg Selinger said. “He needs to come clean with Manitobans about his reckless agenda of cuts.”

Unlike Pallister, who offered only evasive platitudes, Selinger offered clear answers on how to move Manitoba forward and keep investing in our province’s future.

Brian Pallister puts Manitoba’s public health care on the table for privatization

Brian Pallister finally revealed that privatizing Manitoba’s public health care is also on the table in his plan to cut half a billion dollars from the public services families rely on, NDP Leader Greg Selinger said today.

“Privatizing health care means that the quality of your care will come down to how much money you have, not how sick you are,” said Selinger. “That is fundamentally wrong. Our public health care is not for sale.”

NDP Leader Greg Selinger offers best vision for Manitoba

A clear winner came out of tonight's Leaders' debate. NDP Leader Greg Selinger showed that only the NDP will continue our steady progress by investing in health care and education and creating good jobs here in Manitoba.

"The NDP is offering an open and inclusive plan that invests in Manitoba and supports working and middle-class families, because everyone matters," said Selinger.

NDP demands action, information from Pallister on Warraich

Brian Pallister seems unable and unwilling to come clean on yet another issue facing Manitoba families before we vote on Tuesday.

This time it’s his failure to face up to the reality that his candidate in Tyndall Park, Dr. Naseer Warraich, has been placed under significant professional restrictions by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, including a ban on contact with students.