MLA Jim Maloway Opposes MTS Sale

MLA for Elmwood Jim Maloway today announced serious concerns about the proposed sale of MTS to Bell Canada, calling it a bad deal for Manitobans. In particular, Maloway highlighted that everywhere there is a reduction of competition in cellular service, there is a commiserate increase in rates for consumers.

New Manitoba NDP Caucus Members Take Oath

Members of the Manitoba NDP Caucus celebrated with an oath taking ceremony at the Manitoba Legislative Building today.

“We are so proud to welcome this incredible and diverse group to our caucus,” said interim NDP Leader Flor Marcelino, who also took her oath this afternoon. “We’re ready in our new role as the Official Opposition to stand up for the things that matter to Manitoban families all across our great province.”

Flor Marcelino Elected Manitoba NDP Interim Leader

The Manitoba NDP is excited that Flor Marcelino has been elected and confirmed as interim leader, party president Ovide Mercredi said today.

“We are very proud to have Flor as our interim leader during this time of reflection and renewal within our party,” said Mercredi. “Her several years of experience as both an MLA and minister will make her a formidable Opposition leader, and her strong ties to diverse communities across Manitoba will prove invaluable for our party's positive, progressive agenda moving forward.”

Will Brian Pallister’s cuts to health care mean charging for cancer care drugs? Manitobans deserve to know

After weeks of hiding his plans from Manitobans, families deserve to know whether Brian Pallister’s agenda to cut and privatize health care services will make Manitobans pay for cancer care drugs, said NDP Leader Greg Selinger.

“More than 6,000 Manitobans are diagnosed with cancer each year, and that number is expected to go up by 40 to 50 per cent in the next ten years,” continued Selinger. “Those families deserve a straight answer from Brian Pallister on whether their cancer care services are at risk before they cast their vote.”

Build, not cut: NDP’s transparent plan contrasts with Pallister’s evasion

Today’s NDP has a plan to protect the services that matter to Manitoba families: public health care, education, opportunities for young people and good jobs, said NDP Leader Greg Selinger at the release of the NDP’s transparent plan.

“We want to keep our great province an affordable place to live for families, a place where everyone belongs and everyone matters,” said Selinger. “Brian Pallister has tried to cover up his plan for reckless cuts and privatized health care. He needs to level with Manitobans about his real agenda and what that will mean for working and middle-class families.”

NDP Leader Greg Selinger presents clear vision at Chamber Debate — Brian Pallister is evasive and offers no plan to grow Manitoba

Manitobans have learned a lot about Brian Pallister in the last few days – first about his plans to privatize health care, and now about his refusal to invest in our schools, universities and colleges.

“We know when Brian Pallister talks about innovation in health care, he means privatization,” NDP Leader Greg Selinger said. “He needs to come clean with Manitobans about his reckless agenda of cuts.”

Unlike Pallister, who offered only evasive platitudes, Selinger offered clear answers on how to move Manitoba forward and keep investing in our province’s future.