Statistics Canada Reports Province has lost 6,000 Jobs Under Pallister Government

Job figures released by Statistics Canada reveal an alarming drop in full-time employment under the Pallister government and its regressive policies, NDP MLA James Allum said today.

“Pallister is slamming the brakes on infrastructure projects across the province and it’s hurting the economy and families,” said Allum, the NDP finance critic. “The Conservatives cut tens of millions from capital construction, which includes hospitals, schools and highways. Their own budget documents show a $48-million drop in road infrastructure alone. Now we’re seeing evidence that people are losing their jobs.”

The August, 2016 labour market estimates released today show a loss of more than 6,000 full-time jobs since May 2016.

“New Democrats believe in investing in infrastructure to create good jobs and grow the economy,” Allum said. “Manitobans understand that with people’s jobs on the line, now is the time to strategically invest and keep building our economy.”

Allum noted that more bad economic news is on the horizon unless the government changes course, with notifications for the closure of the mill in The Pas and up to 1,000 lost jobs in the region. This follows the closure of grain shipments through the Port of Churchill.

Now Pallister has killed an important economic review into moving railway lines in Winnipeg, which could potentially be a huge boost for the city, Allum added.

“Pallister has no economic plan and no vision for the future. The loss of 6,000 full-time jobs under his watch shows his approach to handling the economy is failing,” Allum said. “Despite record population growth, the Conservatives aren’t making the investments we need to keep jobs here in Manitoba—and families are paying the price.”