Statement on Premier Pallister’s ‘Race War’ Comments

The Brandon Sun revealed today that Premier Pallister claimed in a closed door party meeting there is a ‘race war’ in Manitoba, before leaving for Costa Rica.

“Premier Pallister’s ‘race war’ comments are a divisive and unhelpful intervention in an already over-heated conversation”, Wab Kinew, NDP MLA for Fort Rouge said today.

“To claim behind closed doors that there is a ‘race war’ in your province and to then leave for a multi-week vacation in Costa Rica is not leadership – it’s irresponsible. The Premier should return to Manitoba immediately, apologize for his insensitive comments, and start discussions on solutions that work for everyone” said Kinew.

The issue of nighthunting and spotlighting raises safety concerns for many in rural Manitoba, noted Kinew. At the same time, there are important constitutional rights that must be respected. Manitobans deserve a leader who is going to bring people together, not divide them.

“The Premier should apologize for his comments in person not from his vacation home in Costa Rica – and get back to the job of being the Premier of our Province,” said Kinew.