Statement from Ted Marcelino: Response to Hydro report on Bipole III

“What is clear today is there are no limits to how far the PC government will go to refight the last election. They promised during the election they would deliver an independent review of Bipole III by the Public Utilities Board. Instead, they reneged on that promise and a U.S. consultant was hired.

“This has no credibility, and more importantly, it tells us a lot about how Brian Pallister intends on governing. Why did Pallister backtrack on his promise to do an independent review? It’s also baffling that government ministers would publicly question the financial data presented by Hydro every year to the Public Utilities Board.

“We’re glad that Bipole 3 and Keeyask will continue. The third line is critical to the reliability and security of our electricity supply.

“The Conservatives’ suggestion that Bipole III could have been built through the boreal forest is nonsensical. That would have tied up the province in years of legal challenges by environmental groups and lobbyists, and put our energy security at risk from blackouts. “