Statement by NDP MLA James Allum on Manitoba's Regulatory Environment

Just like Pallister’s so-called review of regulations in the 1990s, this announcement is for show, not about substance – there is no need for a government to legislate this rule. By introducing such a law, the Pallister government is potentially hamstringing itself or any future government by forcing it to eliminate regulations merely for the sake of show.

This also introduces unnecessary delays into the process of changing regulations – creating more bureaucratic work rather than actually helping small businesses. Well-designed regulations can protect workers, consumers and help business grow and prosper.

This approach does not properly take into account its consequences and does not meet the needs of Manitoba workers, consumers or business owners. There are better ways of supporting small businesses – create smart, competitive regulatory environments, combined with strategic investments in good jobs and the economy.

- Jamie Allum, NDP MLA for Fort Garry-Riverview and finance critic