Thank You

Dear friends,

As we review the result of the April 19th election, I want to extend our sincere thanks for the support you have offered to the Manitoba NDP and to our election campaign.

Pallister Conservatives Fail to Offer Positive Vision to Move Manitoba Forward

We have presented a positive, forward-looking vision that invests in the things that matter most to Manitoba families. We're building roads, bridges and flood protection, growing our economy to keep Manitobans working, and improving the services like education and healthcare that families count on every day.

Brian Pallister and his Conservatives have had virtually no positive proposals to contribute during this election.

Brian Pallister has promised zero investment in Northern roads

Brian Pallister is talking about the number of kilometers he's driven to try and make everyone forget that he's been hiding from Manitobans. He's been skipping debates and dodging the tough questions — because he doesn't want to talk about his real agenda to cut and privatize services like healthcare — services that Northerners and all families depend on.

Make Your Vote Count: A Letter from Tina Keeper

Dear Friends,

As you may know, I was a federal Liberal Member of Parliament, but I am standing up for the re-election of the NDP.

I am truly concerned about the future for Manitobans. It is clear that the Conservatives and Brian Pallister are still too intolerant, too eager to cut services and not forward-looking. We need a much more inclusive perspective than that shown by Pallister.

I believe that our potential will be best reached with the re-election of the NDP, the best alternative to the Pallister Conservatives.

Brian Pallister's Conservatives attempt to deflect from glaring holes in their own platform

Brian Pallister and his Conservatives are trying to deflect from the many glaring holes in their own platform:

Like the fact that they still haven't accounted for how they will cut $300 million dollars from services by lowering the PST by 1%.

Like the fact that they haven't been honest with Manitobans about what they will cut to find tens of millions of dollars in so-called ‘savings.’

Brian Pallister continues to evade Manitobans

Brian Pallister continues to evade giving Manitobans specific answers about what health care services he wants to cut and privatize, so maybe Heather Stefanson will actually answer them:

Will they reduce parking fees at hospitals and support transport programs for patients of chronic diseases, as committed to by the NDP?

Will they try to privatize home care and bring in user fees, as Pallister and the Filmon Conservatives did last time they were in power?

NDP only party with a plan for children in care

Our NDP team knows the best place for a child is with their family, in their community. That’s why we worked hard to implement Customary Care and are reviewing the funding model for children in care.

We recognize the need to develop a prevention-based funding model and have made steady progress with agencies and authorities on developing a global funding model. This makes sure agencies still have the money they need to support families and communities as the numbers of children in care go down.

A Message from NDP Leader Greg Selinger

I want to send my best wishes to everyone in Manitoba and around the world celebrating the festival of Vaisakhi.

This week, Manitoba's Gurdwaras are alive with celebration as families join together to mark the founding of Khalsa. Manitoba is home to such a vibrant Sikh community, and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of these celebrations over the years and to have learned about the rich history behind Vaisakhi.