Statement from Matt Wiebe on midwifery programming

While in government, we recognized the need for more midwife training and had found a solution we committed to fulfilling through a joint program. Over the last few months, we have called on the government to make sure midwifery programming continues. It is positive that the PC government is now alert to the need for immediate action to ensure courses continue in the fall. However, we are uncertain what this means for Northern partnerships. We are hopeful that the announcement today meets the needs of students, though we are unaware whether any of the students were notified of these new plans.

Statement from Nahanni Fontaine on the National Inquiry on MMIWG

Today reflects the thirty-plus years of courageous and resilient work that families of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls across the country have pursued in honour of their loved ones. Today marks the culmination of a long and difficult journey in gaining recognition and justice for MMIWG families' daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, cousins, lovers and friends.

This is an historic moment for Canada, and indeed, for families and communities across the country.

Statement on the Port of Churchill

We understand how valuable the Port of Churchill and the Bay Line are to economic development in the North and to the future of the community.

Our critic, Tom Lindsey, is on the ground in Churchill today. He’s talking to those affected by OmniTrax’s decision who are not hearing from the government.

Statement from Flor Marcelino regarding CPP

We’re relieved that the Conservative government has finally woken up to the fact that Manitoba working families overwhelming wanted their government to sign on to improvements to the CPP. As longtime supporters of the CPP, we’re disappointed that it took Brian Pallister so long to join the national consensus, but we urge him to remain at the table for regularly scheduled reviews of CPP. We stand with working families to ensure they have a national CPP plan that works for them.

Thank You

Dear friends,

As we review the result of the April 19th election, I want to extend our sincere thanks for the support you have offered to the Manitoba NDP and to our election campaign.

Pallister Conservatives Fail to Offer Positive Vision to Move Manitoba Forward

We have presented a positive, forward-looking vision that invests in the things that matter most to Manitoba families. We're building roads, bridges and flood protection, growing our economy to keep Manitobans working, and improving the services like education and healthcare that families count on every day.

Brian Pallister and his Conservatives have had virtually no positive proposals to contribute during this election.

Brian Pallister has promised zero investment in Northern roads

Brian Pallister is talking about the number of kilometers he's driven to try and make everyone forget that he's been hiding from Manitobans. He's been skipping debates and dodging the tough questions — because he doesn't want to talk about his real agenda to cut and privatize services like healthcare — services that Northerners and all families depend on.

Make Your Vote Count: A Letter from Tina Keeper

Dear Friends,

As you may know, I was a federal Liberal Member of Parliament, but I am standing up for the re-election of the NDP.

I am truly concerned about the future for Manitobans. It is clear that the Conservatives and Brian Pallister are still too intolerant, too eager to cut services and not forward-looking. We need a much more inclusive perspective than that shown by Pallister.

I believe that our potential will be best reached with the re-election of the NDP, the best alternative to the Pallister Conservatives.