Bokhari Liberals' funding plan cuts investments

The Bokhari Liberals haven't thought their funding plan to municipalities through.

They seem to be unaware that what they are proposing actually represents a cut from our commitment – we already give more funding to municipalities than what they've promised.

That might be because they haven't bothered to factor their infrastructure promises into the cost of their fiscal plan, which the media called "sloppy and inconsistent" and a "gong show."

Liberals' fiscal plan fails to account for campaign promises

Not only have the Liberals failed to account for any of their major campaign promises, they seem to have missed an entire fiscal year in their accounting.

This isn't surprising coming from a party that, in response to a legitimate question about the rollout of a key platform plank, said "You know what, I don't have that; let's get elected first." (Winnipeg Free Press, March 16, 2016).

A fiscal plan that has no costing for hundreds of millions of dollars in promises is not a plan.

It's the '90s all over again at Pallister's HQ

It's looking a lot like the '90s again over at Pallister's Conservative campaign HQ. Their plan is bad for students, bad for families, and bad for colleges and universities.

In today's announcement, the Conservatives appear to be doubling down on their plan for cuts.

They're promising less support for scholarships and bursaries, and they're promising less money for students and their families and less certainty for colleges and universities compared to our plan.

Pallister's plan to cut investments will hurt our schools

Only Brian Pallister and the Conservatives would think spending money on our schools and our kids is the wrong thing to do.

When the Conservatives talk about cutting budgets by half a billion dollars, they're really talking about jamming more kids into classrooms, firing teachers and closing community schools.

Brian Pallister has said that “there are no sacred cows,” and his proposed budget cuts would threaten opportunities for working and middle-class families.

Conservatives and Manitoba Liberals put cuts over investment

With Brian Pallister’s plan to cut over $1.8 billion from core infrastructure investments, we’re surprised this isn’t one of the projects that he’s planning to cancel, especially after he recklessly advocated halting construction on the Floodway.

Pallister would rush this project because he plans to ignore environmental approvals and consultations with local First Nations -- unsurprising, as we already know the Conservatives oppose Community Benefit Agreements that help First Nations communities participate in the economic benefits of local infrastructure projects.

Pallister's Conservatives fail to provide any concrete numbers

Brian Pallister's Conservatives have failed to provide any concrete numbers on how they will recruit more doctors to rural Manitoba.

Maybe that's because they know that numbers don't lie: Manitoba lost 117 doctors under the Tories. We have 732 more doctors now than when we saw them leaving our province under the Filmon Conservative government. The Filmon Conservatives cut medical school spaces down to 70, and we've increased that number to 110.