Tories Flush Innovative MBLL Plan Down Drain With Political Interference in Headquarters Decision

The Pallister government has once again shown it has no vision for the future by forcing Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries to cancel a new headquarters that would have helped to revitalize downtown Winnipeg, NDP MLA Ted Marcelino said today.

“Minister Schuler admitted today that his government told Liquor and Lotteries it didn’t want the Crown corporation to do anything outside its core functions, even if that meant killing an innovative plan that would have brought jobs downtown and injected $46 million into the provincial economy,” Marcelino said. “It’s not good enough to say no to the future. It’s a failure of leadership.”

Marcelino, who is the NDP critic for Crown corporations, pointed out that the original decision to amalgamate five separate offices in one location came after an 18-month study launched in 2014. That study determined Liquor and Lotteries could save $23.6 million over 20 years on top of paying off the cost of the renovations and building purchase of $74 million.

Liquor and Lotteries has already saved $36 million after the NDP government merged the two separate Crowns, Marcelino noted.