Wab Kinew Elected Leader of the Manitoba NDP

Wab Kinew has been elected the new leader of the Manitoba NDP, party president David Woodbury announced today.

"Today, New Democrats have started a new chapter for our party by electing Wab Kinew as our new Leader," said Woodbury. "I want to thank both of the candidates for putting their names forward and everyone that participated in Leadership 2017."

The 2017 leadership race featured candidates Wab Kinew and Steve Ashton, helping bolster party membership to over 10,000.

The result of the delegate vote was 728 for Wab Kinew and 253 for Steve Ashton.

Wab Kinew succeeds Interim Leader Flor Marcelino, who led the party since May 2016.

"It's been a humbling day. With all my heart, I want to thank New Democrats for the trust they've placed in me. I will work everyday to live up to that trust, and do everyone proud," said Kinew. "The road ahead will be tough, but with the support of my team and my family, we will begin this new era for the NDP with courage and dedication to standing up for all Manitobans."