Pallister's Conservatives are trying to undermine the rights of workers by pushing Bill 7 through the legislature. The bill would scrap the current card check system of allowing automatic union certification when a super-majority -- 65 per cent -- of employees sign union cards. Similar legislation was introduced last year by Stephen Harper's Conservatives at the federal level but is now being repealed.

Bill 7 is a step backwards for labour relations in Manitoba, and must be stopped!

Instead of a card check system, Bill 7 would require a 'secret ballot' vote, allowing employers more time and opportunity to intimidate workers and threaten their job security when organizing to form a union.

Most workplaces aren't democracies, and making it even harder tilts the balance of power even more in favour of employers. Similar anti-union laws have been passed in other jurisdictions and have resulted in lower wages in union and non-union workplaces, and dramatically lower unionization rates.

Labour plays an incredible role in making life better for all Manitobans, and every worker in our province has a stake in Bill 7. Sign our petition and join the campaign against Bill 7 and in support of workers' rights!