Pallister government fails to deliver their promised plan for child care

Nahanni Fontaine, MLA for St. Johns, pressed the government today to level with Manitobans about their lack of a plan for accessible, affordable child care for Manitoba families.

“Hardworking Manitoba families need affordable, accessible and high-quality child care, and they expect the government to deliver on promises made in the election,” said Fontaine. “Without a comprehensive strategy outlined in their Throne Speech, and with only unsubstantiated campaign commitments to go on, families are left to worry if they’ll have to pay higher fees for fewer spaces.”

NDP only party with a plan for children in care

Our NDP team knows the best place for a child is with their family, in their community. That’s why we worked hard to implement Customary Care and are reviewing the funding model for children in care.

We recognize the need to develop a prevention-based funding model and have made steady progress with agencies and authorities on developing a global funding model. This makes sure agencies still have the money they need to support families and communities as the numbers of children in care go down.

NDP will protect affordable child care for working and middle-class families from Pallister’s privatization

$25-million capital fund will create more affordable public spaces, including 100 in St. James

Today’s NDP will create a new $25-million capital fund to build public and community-operated child care centres, including a new child care centre for St. James families with at least 100 spaces, NDP Leader Greg Selinger said today.

“Affordable, high-quality child care is a major priority for working families and one of the keys to building a stronger middle class,” Selinger said.

NDP will make life easier for parents by capping fees at schools, building more child care centres

Today’s NDP will cap fees that schools can charge parents, provide funding for parent councils, build more child care centres in schools and expand before and after programming, NDP Leader Greg Selinger said.

“The NDP knows that schools are much more than buildings—they’re places for learning, playing and bringing communities together,” Selinger said.

Letters to the Editor

Our government responds to many media requests. Many are often not printed, but we never let an opportunity pass to defend our record. Here are some recent examples of communication your NDP government has sent out.

Re: Child Welfare Unequal to the Job (Winnipeg Free Press, Sept. 10, 2015)

Your editorial asks a fair question: what is the provincial government's plan to prevent family breakdown and reduce the rate of apprehending kids?