Pallister Government Shows Lack of Vision for the Future, no Plan to Grow Economy In Killing Winnipeg Railway Relocation Review

In killing a much-needed review of the economic advantages of moving Winnipeg’s railway lines, the Pallister government is showing a lack of any vision for the future of Manitoba’s capital city, said NDP MLA Nahanni Fontaine.

“This is a government that has no plan to grow the economy or create jobs and now it has passed on an opportunity to help transform the city,” said Fontaine. “There are so many possible advantages in planning for the future of our city, and yet this government is content to live in the past.”

Pallister Government Funding Cuts and Indifference Cast Pall Over Labour Day Celebrations

Labour Day has traditionally been a time to honour the contributions of workers to creating this great province, but the Pallister government is casting a dark cloud over this year’s celebrations, NDP Finance Critic James Allum said today.

“Pallister is slamming the brakes on projects across the province and he’s already hurting the economy,” said Allum. “Pallister’s first budget cut tens of millions from infrastructure, which includes hospitals, schools and highways. Now we see they won’t help communities that are going through tough times and people are losing their jobs.”

Province Must Maintain Existing Pesticide Legislation to Continue Protecting Expectant Mothers, Children and Pets

The Pallister government must preserve legislation that reduces the risk to children and pets of exposure to synthetic pesticides for non-essential purposes, NDP MLA Rob Altemeyer said today.

“The current law reduces the risks of exposure to synthetic chemical pesticides, and was introduced after a lengthy consultation with Manitobans,” Altemeyer said. “Let’s not turn back the clock. Let’s keep these strong protections in place for expectant mothers, our children and our pets.”